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Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training (“CPT”) is a kind of off-campus authorization for F-1 students. An F-1 student may pursue to engage in off-campus opportunities such as internships, research, and clinical rotations (“off-campus experiences”). All off-campus experiences must directly relate to the student’s major program of study and must correspond to an academic component of the student’s established curriculum as reflected in the most up-to-date MCPHS Course Catalog. 
F-1 students in both graduate and undergraduate programs may apply for CPT if their program supports it. CPT can be for part-time authorization or full-time authorization and may be paid or unpaid.

Before IISS can approve CPT for an off-campus experience, the student must have:
  • Completed one academic year as an F-1 student. Note: If the off-campus experience is required in a graduate student’s first year of study, this requirement can be waived.
  • Has been offered a position and has received an appropriate offer letter for the off-campus experience.
  • Otherwise maintained lawful F-1 status.
If you have an off-campus opportunity that relates to your major, but requirements for CPT cannot be met via an already established academic component, you may need to apply for Optional Practical Training. Please come to the Immigration & International Support Services Office, IISS, during walk-in hours, or schedule an appointment with your F-1 International Student Advisor about CPT and OPT options. Do not proceed with any off-campus experience without speaking to IISS first, or without proper authorization if needed.