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Requesting a Travel Signature or an I-20 Reprint

We hope you will have opportunities to travel during your stay in the U.S., whether to explore other parts of the U.S., to visit your home country, or to visit other places for holidays or professional activities.
  • To request an updated travel signature: Travel Signature Request 
  • To replace a lost or damaged I-20: I-20 Reprint Request 
  • Immigration and International Support Services is on-campus. We are available for in-person, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams appointments. During appointments, we can also sign your I-20 in person.
    • Use the links above if you need your I-20 reprinted because your current I-20 has been damaged, lost, or stolen; or if the document is out of travel signature space.
    • DO NOT use this link for any other type of request. You may contact if you are unsure which electronic form to fill out.