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Checking-In with the Immigration Services Office

We are excited to welcome you to MCPHS! All International Students regardless of Immigration Status or sponsorship) must check-in with the Immigration Services Office upon arrival. Check-in provides our office the opportunity to:
  • Review your immigration documents to confirm eligibility for intended study.
  • Report the arrival of MCPHS-sponsored F-1 Students in valid status to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, thus activating your SEVIS Record (or completing your SEVIS Record transfer if you are coming from another U.S.-based school).
  • Ensure that all International Students are added to email lists that provide valuable immigration related information, including travel advisories and tax information, throughout the year.

Please complete your initial SEVIS Registration with Immigration Services Office to avoid jeopardizing your legal Immigration Status in the U.S., and contact us with any questions concerning your Immigration Status or your adjustment to MCPHS.

Immigration Services staff will be present at several Fall Orientations and F-1 Students will have the opportunity to complete their Initial SEVIS Registration at these times. However, if for some reason you miss us at one of these events, you must report to the Immigration Services Office to complete your Initial SEVIS Registration.

F-1 Students who have traveled to the U.S. for the first time to attend a full-time academic program (“F-1 Initials”) must complete their Initial SEVIS Registration within 30 days of the Program Start Date listed on their Form I-20.

F-1 Students who have previously attended a U.S. academic institution (including high school) who had their SEVIS Records transferred to MCPHS (“F-1 Transfers”) must complete their Initial SEVIS Registration within 15 days of the Program Start Date listed on their Form I-20.
If you are an F-1 Student, you will need to provide the following documents to check-in:

- Current, valid I-20
- I-94 Admission Document
- Your Passport, which should contain your most recent entry stamp and F-1 Visa
- If any of your family members entered in F-2 Dependent Status, then you must provide all of their immigration documents as well. 

To complete check-in, complete the online SEVIS Check-In Form.