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Change of Program

Your SEVIS Record and corresponding Initial I-20 were created with the information provided by you, your academic program, and the Office of Financial Services. Therefore, if your student record is updated or your biographical information changes for any reason, the Immigration Services Office needs to be notified in advance so that we can advise you appropriately and update your documents when required.

You will need to bring proof of the requested information change (as indicated below) to the Immigration Services Office, along with your I-20, most recent I-94 Admission Document, and Passport.

Change of Major

Once you complete the University’s Change of Program/Change Year of Graduation form and your student record is updated to reflect the change, Immigration Services will issue you an updated I-20 reflecting your new major information and will contact you for pick-up.

Questions regarding the Change of Major process should be directed to International Academic Services.

Change of Program or Degree Level

If you have been admitted to a new academic program at MCPHS, you must be issued a new I-20 to reflect your new program’s information. 
Note: a new I-20 cannot be issued to you until you have completed all of the requirements of your previous program.

To request a new I-20, you will need to submit an online Application for New I-20.

Change in Funding Source or Validity

If the source of your academic funding changes (e.g. home government to personal funds, scholarship to family funds, etc.) or if the period of validity of your sponsorship (e.g. updated validity date on your Financial Guarantee or other Award Letter) is updated, then you must inform the Immigration Services Office so they can provide proper instruction.

To request a new I-20 with your updated funding, you will need to submit an online Change in Funding.

Intra-Campus Transfer

This request is used for MCPHS students that are changing programs from one MCPHS campus to another. For example, changing from the Boston PharmD program to the Worcester accelerated PharmD, or leaving the PharmD program in Manchester for the PharmSci program in Boston.  If you are changing campus, you will need a new I-20 for your new program at the new MCPHS campus.

To request a new I-20, you will need to submit an online Application for New I-20.