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Announcements : Vaccination or Waiver by 1/10/2022 & COVID 19 Booster Requirements

Announcement: Spring 2022 Travel Signatures, Vaccination or Waiver by 1/10/2022 & COVID 19 Booster Requirements

Have questions about how to prepare for Spring 2022 and return to the MCPHS campus? Please review the complete article in preparing for Spring 2022. Vaccination requirements, waiver, and travel signature updates are in the notice details. Thank you, IISS Staff
We write to provide important reminders so that you can best plan for the upcoming Spring 2022 semester.
All MCPHS students are required to be fully vaccinated (all required doses + two weeks) or complete a medical/religious exemption request before coming to campus. If you have not done so already, you must be in compliance by the start of the Spring 2022 semester (January 10, 2022). As of December 16, 2021, MCPHS will require all students, staff, and faculty to get the COVID 19 Booster Shot by Friday, February 4, or as soon as your eligibility allows. Please visit the MCPHS COVID 19 site for more information. 

All students are expected to return to campus by the start of the Spring 2022 semester (January 10, 2022). No exceptions or alternative course schedules will be made in this regard, so please plan your travel and/or rearrange your travel plans accordingly. 

If you plan to travel internationally over the upcoming Thanksgiving Break or Winter Intersession, you must be sure to have all required documentation with you on the day you re-enter the U.S.:
Passport valid at least six (6) months into the future
Valid F-1 visa
HARD COPY I-20 with a valid travel signature on page 2. Remember, travel signatures are valid for one year from when they are signed, so if you need to update it, please fill out our online Travel Signature request as soon as possible.  
As always, feel free to contact our offices with any questions!