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Announcements : 2023

Announcement: Reminder to File Taxes for 2022-Deadline Monday, April 17, 2023

All F-1 students who were studying in the U.S. or on OPT during 2022 are required to file taxes.

Hello, good afternoon. 
Here is a reminder that all F-1 students who were studying in the U.S. or on OPT for 2022 while in the United States are required to file taxes.
Monday, April 17, 2023 is the tax filing deadline.
The Colleges of the Fenway with Sprintax, are having work workshops Sprintax is only nonresident tax filing software, to help guide you through the process – we also provide a code for free Federal and 8843 filing. (click here to get the code and instructions).  Do not use Turbotax or other software unless you know that you are a resident for tax purposes!
Filing taxes is a multi-step process. Please be sure to read thoroughly: Understanding U.S. Taxes
Explore these helpful resources from Sprintax: 
Read the Tax Filing Guide
Register for a Sprintax account and get started right away
Other questions?  Reach out to the COF GEO Center: 
Thank you! 

Emily, Stephanie, & Jack